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Purpose: We exist to enable our clients to win by achieving amazing outcomes. Our clients engage us to help them disrupt and outperform their competition and the market - to accelerate their enterprise value creation. We do this by providing objective and SMART strategic human capital solutions to solve the most complex problems, challenges and scenarios. An ethos built on value, service and results.


Mission: Earning the eternal loyalty of our customers by consistently over delivering outstanding insight, diverse leadership, talent advisory services and measurable ESG impact worldwide.

Vision: To be the most trusted provider of creative, agile and expertly integrated strategic human capital services and delivering the next of generation diverse boards, leaders and beyond.

Philosophy: We are customer obsessed and put our clients at the heart of everything. We continually drive innovation through our people, international networks and communities to create the best possible outcomes. We love simplicity, and strive to redefine what is possible in our industry, through research and development of platforms, processes and human centered people enablement. Systematic lean methodologies, personalised to meet the individual needs of clients, underpin everything we do - ensuring guaranteed results.  We first seek to understand, invest in our relationships, and deliver carefully crafted, validated solutions underpinned with judgment, clarity and insight. We are straightforward and easy to work with, ensuring a fun and positive approach.  We adopt a very intentional, thoughtful and person centred approach held to the highest integrity. The essence of our business is predicated on a simple pay it forward mindset – most of all we care.

Values and culture: Our strong values and beliefs serve as the guiding principles connecting our purpose, people, passion, behaviours and culture to our ecosystem of partners, associates, experts, clients and community. 

We have aligned these to Five Culture Pillars:

  • Talent

  • Transparency 

  • Truth 

  • Teamwork 

  • Trust


TITAN beliefs and values

  • Trusted: Pioneering; Resolve; Brave; Caring; Creative; Community, Humour; Empathy; Expert; Service; Friendship and Differentiated.


  • Insightful: Knowledge; Research; Intelligence; Ethics; Kindness; Clarity; Reliability; Discipline; Perceptive; Gratitude; Methodologyand Resilience.


  • Teaming: Diversity; Respect; Purposeful; Innovation; Inclusive, Energy; Lean; Dynamic; Agile, Consistency; Awareness; Accountable; Conviction and Straightforward. 


  • Authentic: Diligence; Spirit; Ownership; Communication; Commitment; Collaboration; Character, Successful; Excellence and Boldness .

  • Networked: Nimble, Balanced; Personalised; Connected; Impactful; Driven; Precision, Pace, Credibility, Differentiated; and Dependable.

What matters most to you is what drives us. Now how can we help you today?

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