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  • Board, CEO and C-Suite

  • Managing Director, Director and Head of Function

  • Finance and Treasury

  • Risk and Compliance

  • Human Resources

  • Business Change and Transformation

  • Technology and Operations

  • Marketing and Digital

Our dedicated cross functional experience allows us to strategically advise, assess and recruit Board Advisors, Chairs, Non-Executive Directors and across the C-Suite including the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and their leadership teams through to two levels below.


  • Financial Services and Insurance

  • Technology, Media and Telecoms

  • Consumer, Manufacturing and Engineering 


Inside these industry ecosystems we are asked to execute mandates for Professional Services, Business Services and Private Equity.

Financial Services and Insurance


The FSI practice provides senior permanent and interim talent, together with strategic consultancy services, to the retail financial services sector on a Pan-European basis. 


The retail financial services industry is in the ferment of massive change – a combination of devolution and revolution. FinTech brands have moved into the space for insurance, life & pensions, mortgage and investment products. Established players are re-positioning themselves as manufacturers, distributors, marketeers, product managers or ‘white label’ service providers. 


Technology is inspiring the creation of amazing new products, opening new delivery channels and redefining the boundaries of Customer Relationship Management.


The winners in all this are the companies who most skilfully harness the technology, focus on their customers and bring their offerings rapidly to market. TITAN Executive helps them by finding the people who can make these things happen.


We are strategic partners to mortgage and investment providers, speciality and consumer finance, retail banks, general and speciality insurers, life & pensions companies, private equity, asset and wealth managers. Our niche is in the provision of ‘hybrid’ individuals who understand the seismic shifts within this sector and can make crucial contributions to major change programmes placing Boards, C-Suite leaders and Directors.


Technology, Media and Telecoms 


The TMT practice provides senior permanent and interim talent, to the Telecoms, Media and Telecoms sector on a pan-European basis.


The forces of change, competition and rationalisation in the technology and communications industries are continually shifting the goalposts for  boards, functional leaders and business heads. Titan Executive helps them to sustain their deliverables, often in the face of cost reductions and diminished head-counts. 


We have formed constructive, proactive partnerships with leading players across the industry spectrum, including fixed and mobile telecoms, new media, broadcasting, hardware and software companies and private equity.


We engage with the key decision-makers to understand their business drivers, anticipate skill requirements and map out a cost-efficient sourcing strategy – even when they are under pressure to achieve more with less budget, or deliver projects with lower headcount.


We can also provide rapid access to the top 10% of talent in a particular role or technical skill, including Programme / Project Directors and Managers and Sales and Marketing leaders and Product Leads or thin-on-the-ground Technical Specialists conversant with new or emerging technologies. This ensures that downsized teams will still deliver projects because they are driven by people of exceptional quality and up-to-the-minute knowledge. 


Through forward planning, followed by swift sourcing and placement of exactly the right people at precisely the right time, we help our clients to orchestrate their resources, control their costs and achieve their business goals.


For Boards, C-Suite leaders and Directors our position as a key strategic ally to major players connects them to the most compelling opportunities in the Technology, Media and Telecoms industry.


Consumer, Manufacturing and Engineering


The CME practice provides senior permanent and interim talent, together with strategic resourcing consultancy services on a domestic, pan-European and international basis.


We have grown to understand the pressures facing Boards, Leaders and Senior Directors operating within the consumer, manufacturing and engineering markets today; expectations are to deliver more with considerably less. Not only are pressures increasing but also the market is continuously transforming due to further acquisitions or mergers.   We think it is one of the most diverse, ambitious and growing markets today.     


We continue to develop strong, trustworthy and proactive business partnerships with specialists and giants across retail, entertainment, leisure, FMCG, manufacturing, engineering and private equity. TITAN Executive works in parallel with the business strategy to ensure our clients have the talent today that will take the company forward over the next few years, whether it’s the last person to win the biggest client win within retail or the market renowned FMCG IT Executive who delivered ahead of schedule every time within budget, we will work in partnership to deliver the top 10% of global talent.   


TITAN Executive are the future of successful human capital solutions delivering key hires within local and international markets.  Through the influential people we provide you will find that we positively challenge your strategy whilst promoting your brand and capability within your specialist market.

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