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Why choose TITAN Executive?

TITAN Executive's philosophy: to accumulate knowledge and continually explore new ways of making it work for your benefit. 

It’s why we stick to working in niche markets, so that our clients engage with experts who really do understand all the surrounding influences, from geographic and demographic to political and financial. They have gained these insights through years of operational experience of recruiting in their specific markets.

Being privately-owned and independent, our Partners retain a hands-on role in the business and direct involvement with clients. This also ensures we remain flexible, ultra-responsive and, above all, highly creative in our thinking. 


Over the years we have worked with many of the world’s most progressive companies, developing leading edge sourcing and selection techniques that unearth the very best candidates and deliver extraordinarily high acceptance ratios.  We have also built strong networks throughout Europe through numerous international assignments.


Finally, our unique services, including TalentED™, TITAN Executive Network - TEN™ and TITAN Roundtable Series™, together with our mobile international candidate base, means that we can provide powerful solutions for your business.

"Fully understood the search mandate quickly, pushing back on the key points of difference from the board and delivered a great short list of candidates that surpassed our expectations." 

Chief Operating Officer, Global Corporate

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