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Welcome to TITAN Group. How can we help you?


TITAN Executive is an international executive search, interim management and human capital consulting firm, specialising in providing diverse executive leadership and internationally mobile professional resources.

Think of us first as an expert partner, whose deep knowledge, insight and commitment can be absolutely trusted in every aspect of human capital, recruitment and resourcing strategy.


Our independence means we are pioneering, responsive, and forward thinking. Our intention is to deliver services of such high quality and value that clients and candidates spontaneously 

think of us first. Their preferred trusted partner.


For Clients, it is our role to support your business strategy and enable those with resourcing responsibility to do their job effectively. That’s why we only operate in niche sectors that we know inside out. We’re here to support your business through tough times as well as good – which we believe is the basis for any enduring partnership. We have also developed a powerful set of knowledge-based solutions such as TITAN Executive Network (TEN) ™ to support all areas of attraction, engagement, retention and succession planning.


For Candidates, our aim is to help you manage, steer and enrich your career…even if you’re not already thinking of a move. We understand that a successful executive search process involves more than just box-ticking against a checklist of skills. There are deeper questions to be answered about culture, personality, style and long-term ambition. We make it our goal to take you to where you want to go. We look for a long-standing relationship, not a short-term placement.  


All executive search, interim and human capital consultancies make plenty of promises – what makes us different is that we deliver on ours every time.

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