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Why choose TITAN Executive?

Your career agenda is our number one priority. So what does this mean in practice?


It means we will delve below the surface of your background, understand your drivers and values to find out what really motivates you, the challenges and culture you will relish and the opportunities you will reject. We will want to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, your ambitions and aspirations…both in the immediate future and the longer term. We will use all our market knowledge and placement experience to suggest your optimum career ‘roadmap’, which may possibly include options you had not even considered.


Ultimately, we want your association with us to span the remainder of your career…even if you never go looking for another role. We’ll work doubly hard to steer you into the right role, in the right place, at the right time and by helping you to play to your strengths, we’re helping our clients play to theirs.


With a finger constantly on the pulse of your market, your consultant will keep you fully informed of significant trends and developments. And through the concept of Talent Silo’s candidates with specific high-demand skill-sets will have the pick of the best new opportunities in the sector.


Many candidates have expressed their delight at the service they receive from TITAN Executive, with phrases like “refreshingly different", "highest standard”, “dedicated attitude”,  “class act” and "totally unique".


We are confident you will agree.

 "A firm that truly disrupts outdated methods, putting the candidate at the centre of the process, whilst delivering outstanding service with a personal touch.”

Chief Technology and Digital Officer

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