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Our partners and research team are good listeners, shrewd analysts and passionate advocates getting the right solution to a client’s recruitment needs – whether it be just one service element or an integrated package.


Solutions can encompass any or a combination of the following:

Assessment, Coaching and Development Solutions

  • Board assessment, evaluation and benchmarking 

  • Leadership assessment evaluation and benchmarking 

  • Coaching and development for board, executive and leadership


Research Intelligence Unit

  • Market intelligence, mapping and talent pooling projects

  • Psychometric and team assessment services

  • Referencing and research services


Executive Search

  • Non-executive appointments

  • Senior executive appointments

  • Executive appointments

  • Specialist and international appointments



  • Interim consulting

  • Interim executive

  • Interim management

Our role as your partner


Our goal is to deliver the people best equipped to realise our client’s plans for consolidation and expansion. And our success is built on a deep knowledge and holistic view of our niche market sectors. This gives our partners, consultants and research associates an absolute grasp of our clients’ business needs and agendas – the key to providing focused, effective solutions.


We have a strategic approach to hiring diverse talent.  Our role is to listen, to challenge and through innovation to push the boundaries. During a market downturn or upturn, organisations are looking to find the right size. Once this has been achieved, the next step is then to find the right shape, which is where Titan Executive can help. We can assess your company and analyse whether you have the right people within your business. A Titan Executive client gets connected to the best talent in the market. A Titan Executive candidate will always be in contention for opportunities that are personally and professionally made to measure.


Crucially, every campaign will be overseen and managed end-to-end by a partner experienced in the subtle art of skills profiling and matching client culture with candidate character. Companies have personalities and ambitions, just like individuals, so by understanding both we can bring about a successful union. The whole process is underpinned by an eight stage-search methodology including Top Grading assessment, Scorecard Interviewing techniques,

psychometric profiling, aptitude testing, verbal and numeric reasoning methodologies to deliver a premium-calibre shortlist. We then seamlessly co-ordinate the interviewing, post offer reference checks and on-boarding.

Executive Search


In most situations, there’s no guarantee that advertising an opportunity to active job-seekers will secure the best person for the role. And there are times when its simply not a good idea to tell the world that you are recruiting. When a discrete and focused search is required, Titan Executive's headhunting expertise comes into its own.


Using our detailed knowledge of specific markets, and of talented individuals who work within them, we identify top-tier candidates for a specific role and make a direct approach. Whilst discretion and client confidentiality are sacrosanct, our consultants are highly skilled in delivering a strong proposition and articulate brief to people who, it must be remembered, are generally content with their current employment.


Results speak for themselves. Around 85% of target candidates who receive an approach from Titan Executive agree to meet for deeper dialogue. That’s because they know we’ve done our research, and what we are offering is worth listening to.  We would rather turn business away than take on something that we could not deliver, so our clients' benefit from 100% success rate on all mandates undertaken.  


Interim Consulting 


Independant interim executives and interim managers have a significant role to play in a world where workforces are increasingly flexible and budgets are under growing pressure. 


Whether it is to lead the largest business transformation in your companies history, add strength to a project team, cover for extended employee leave or inject specialist skills at a critical time, Titan Executive has an impressive track record in the provision of ‘day one deliverers’ of the highest calibre.


For clients and candidates alike, our Interim services provide added value through such services as fixed price solutions, B2B contract evaluation, assessment profiling and outcome based pricing, all on the right side of IR35 rules. Our clients benefit from superior results and better budgetary control on each mandate.


To date 100% of our clients and interim executives have indicated they would like to work with us again.  And our clients score us particularly highly for speed of response, quality of resource, account management, outcomes achieved, easy to work with and professionalism. 

Campaign Management


Organisations often need to recruit for a number of key roles within a given timeframe, perhaps because of restructuring, new technology programmes or growth strategies. But they may well lack the time, the resources or the relationships to plan and manage the campaign effectively. This will not only undermine the business strategy but also damage the employer brand. 


Acting as a ‘co-sourcing partner’, Titan Executive can plan, implement and project manage entire recruitment campaigns that combine permanent headhunting, advertising & selection, networking and interim search to secure the right candidates.


Orchestrated from beginning to end by a expert team, the campaign will flow through a well defined project plan with effective attraction and application management strategies. For SMEs in particular, with limited HR capacity, we can help you deal with the problem. This approach is cost-efficient, delivery-effective and highly protective of the employer brand.

Human Capital Consulting

Titan Executive is a consulting firm that can aid governance in all aspects assessment, coaching and development as well as executive hiring and talent acquisition, including every facet of the hiring, retention and succession planning processes.  For many of the leading organisations in the sectors we serve, we are a trusted and respected strategic partner, with a straight forward approach.


Our partners and associates bring a significant track record executing bespoke retained programmes for:

  • Board, assessment, evaluation and benchmarking; 

  • Leadership assessment evaluation and benchmarking; 

  • Coaching and development for board, executive and leadership

The recruitment model diagnostic is a where your can have our experts run your existing recruitment model through a full diagnostic assessment – a health check programme to identify strengths, weaknesses and potential cost-savings. If required, we can embark on a complete

re-engineering of your recruitment processes.


We’ll advise on recruitment management software, support Resourcing Managers on a retained or project basis, or act as your outsourcing partner either on or off site. We are also helping more and more clients with creative ‘attraction & retention’ initiatives that start from the moment a job offer is made.

Research and Intelligence Unit (RIU)


We pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of the knowledge we bring to the industry sectors we serve. Capturing and developing intellectual capital within our markets is the brief for our dedicated research unit. 


This specialist group is continually talking with, listening to and learning from key players in our vertical sectors. They are our ‘eyes and ears’, our radar to emerging trends and developments. Through constant communication and continuous research, plus involvement in industry exhibitions and seminars, the research team gives us a 360-degree insight which is invaluable for bespoke market mapping and talent projects for our clients.


Imagine, as a recruiting manager, knowing that you have immediate access to the top 10% of a critical talent pool of cross functional Execution and Delivery experts who have been competency-screened, are the right cultural fit and want to work for you – especially if the skills in question are rare, hard to locate and probably not actively searching for a job move.

Imagine, if you are a top-tier talent in your field with a highly valued and up-to-date knowledge base, knowing about all the most interesting opportunities as they arise…and often before.

To clients and key candidates alike, this is the beauty of TalentED™.

TalentED™ is a strategic recruitment tool which has been evolved by Titan Executive to meet tough succession planning challenges for clients and crucial career management issues for in-demand individuals. 

Through proactive industry networking, extensive research, market mapping and direct inflow from sourcing campaigns, Titan Executive has developed ‘gene pools’ of people with specific, high-grade European skill-sets.

TalentED™ enables you to have an assembled and delivered precision shortlist of key people in a fraction of the time it would normally take – days rather than weeks. A critical advantage for professional service companies & outsourcers when a potential project gets the green light.


Even in a downsizing scenario, TalentED™ can provide the one 5-star talent to replace the several 3 or 4-star people that used to be in place.


Market Analysis Projects (MAP)


We strongly believe in the power of market intelligence to support the attraction & retention strategies of our clients and the expectations of candidates. Market Analysis Projects are a bespoke, targeted research programme, a very effective tool which have taken to a new level of sophistication.  These include projects such as reward benchmarking, competitor team profiling, diversity and inclusion analysis and offshoring capability assessment.

For example with reward benchmarking, our highly targeted surveys of pay scales and package structures help organisations to be properly positioned to attract the right people. We have the ability to map the cost of a person by function, discipline, sector, geography and industry, which no other benchmarks can provide.

For job-movers – permanent and interim - our in-depth, macro knowledge of market rates helps them to understand their true worth and plan their progress with realistic expectations. This is a key element in our concept of candidate career management.

Strategic Sourcing

Effective sourcing strategies must be capable of tapping into both ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ candidate markets. That’s why we offer such a broad range of services. The ‘active’ market is made up of people proactively searching for their next role. Candidates in the ‘inactive’ market are not currently looking for a move but, when approached, could be receptive to an interesting proposition. This is where the skill of our consultants is critical.


Strategic flexibility is also vital because no two roles are the same. And on the wider stage, our Pan-European and international experience has taught us that culture, pay structures and skill-pools vary enormously from region to region. So a sourcing strategy that works well for one country or region may not succeed in another.  

These beliefs underpin our service offerings and the way we approach recruitment and consulting solutions.

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