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We provide unique and flexible human capital consulting, executive search, interim and consulting solutions to the most innovative, progressive and entrepreneurial businesses and ecosystems worldwide.  These businesses typically include accelerators to growth firms, private equity, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and multi national corporates (MNCs).

Overlapping integrated expertise with our unique LEAD approach:

TITAN Leadership:

Board and Leadership Solutions.


TITAN Executive:

Talent Acquisition - Worldwide.


TITAN Advisory:

Managed Services and Advisory.

TITAN Development:

ESG, Diversity and Inclusion Training and Consulting.


Building upon three decades of hands on experience supporting European organisations across financial, insurance and private sectors.  We increase our clients ability to compete and be successful by sharing our industry knowledge, providing advice and making connections through networking opportunities. B

Our functionally and industry aligned practices allow seamless delivery across:

Board and C-Suite, Compliance, Risk and Finance; Digital and 

Marketing; Human Resources; 

Business Change and Consulting; 

Technology and Operations. 

Financial Services and Insurance;

Technology, Media and Telecoms;

and Consumer, Manufacturing

and Engineering.

Coaching and Mentoring Faculty


It is our role to support your business strategy enabling  those with key hiring or leadership responsibilities access to outstanding experts and resourcing solutions to deliver Next Generation Boards and Leadership (NXGEN)  mandates effectively. That’s why we only operate in niche markets that we know inside out.

Our experts have worked with many of the worlds most progressive companies 

developing world class attraction, sourcing and assessment methods.

We are here to support your business through tough times as well as good – which we believe is the basis for any enduring partnership.  

Fill out the contact us form for a free initial consultation.


Ultimately, we want your association with us to span the remainder of your career, even if you never go looking for another career move.


We will work tirelessly to help and to advise you into the right company and role, where you can play to your strengths, whilst enabling our clients play to theirs. With a finger constantly on the pulse of the market, our experts will keep you fully informed of significant 

trends, insights and developments. 


We facilitate exclusive by 

invitation only events with leading industry figures and peers to educate and discuss the hottest

topics. We act as career coaches and during both your executive, plural portfolio, non executive journeys.


Welcome to TITAN Group. How can we help you?


TITAN Group is an international human capital consulting firm, specialising in providing diverse executive leadership and internationally mobile professional resources. We enable our clients a competitive advantage through the provision of board and leadership assessment, development and coaching; executive search; managed services and executive interim; and bespoke advisory services and training. 

Think of us first as leadership specialists and an expert partner, whose deep knowledge, insight and commitment can be absolutely trusted in every aspect of human capital, assessment, recruitment and resourcing.


Our independence means we are pioneering, responsive, and forward thinking. Our intention is to deliver services of such high quality and value that clients and candidates 

spontaneously think of us first. Their preferred trusted partner.

All propositions are co-created by our experts with academic, thought leader, client, candidate and network committee insights and feedback. This makes the experience of working with TITAN Group uniquely differentiated, underpinned by products and innovations. Our clients outcomes are achieved through:

People: Knowledge, Networks, Specialists, Niched (micro). 


Process: Speed, Precision, Accuracy, Agility. 


Systems: Diversity, Inclusion and Governance.  Assessment and Evaluations. Innovativ



TITAN Executive



Tel: +44 0333 360 1974

We would love to talk with you, complete the contact us section for an initial conversation. 


Or, speak directly, with Paul Reynolds,

Group Managing Director

+ 44 (0)7825 708555

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